Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Work in Progress Wednesday

Did you think I had forgotten? Well, I wouldn't blame you if you did. I've been working on some separate projects that don't have anything to do with quilting. But I always come back to the design wall.

Here's A little more work on "Stars Fell on Alabama", which should've been done by now, but life does get in the way. Pretty cool design wall, huh?
It's the back of some table cloth material that I got at half price at Hobby Lobby.

To the right, you can see the finished blocks. I have a only a few to finish of these. There's only 25 in the quilt. You'd think I'd have it done quicker because of that, but not me. I'm special.....

Oh, and Happy Anniversary to me! We've made it six years this past Sunday. He's still such a babe!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Beautiful Boy

The Dyl Pickle graduated today from preschool. I thought I'd be the only mother in the room NOT crying as I've been to this rodeo 2 other times. My past experience didn't help me one iota. And still, many hours later, I can't hardly talk about it. Let's let a picture say a thousand words...I'm tired of boo-hooing.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Legal Adult

Here he is at 2. You can see the beginnings of the mischievous look. He is still very charming, especially with the ladies.

My little, bald six-month-old. You know, I love that commercial where the narrator says, "Who'd of thought that the love of your life would be short, and bald?"

And here's my grown man now. He can't help that he's handsome! Happy 23rd birthday, Son!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Queen for a "Mother's" Day..

Most mother's are happy to get appreciated on Mother's day, and as a rule, we don't really expect much. Oh, someone is bound to be little enough for making Mom some type of craft. And breakfast in bed is a favorite amongst us moms. This year was tre' cool for me. Hunnybunny bought me some Lauren Blue, Pickle got me my favorite Healing Garden stuff, lavender; Rock Star bought me a card, (didn't sign it, but it's truly the thought that counts.) and a single red rose and baby's breath. Hunnybunny grilled me a steak and made dinner. Mother's Day is the holiday I hate going out.

The Legal Adult went to church with us, and spent the rest of the day with me. I nearly fell over.

Oh, yeah, the best present was to get to have all my boys under one roof for one day! And they let me take pictures!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Double Date with Ironman

From the time Ironman was announced, Diva's dad and I talked about getting our families together to go see it. He is the consumate movie geek. The man has virtually any movie you have EVER heard of. I am an old comic book collector. I taught my then 6 year old (The Legal Adult) to read X-Men. Dick and Jane just wasn't cutting it, folks.

I hired a sitter who I knew could handle the Pickle and the Diva together. The Rock Star did ask if he could keep them and make the money, but ...Plllluuuzzzzeeee.... I can't walk out of a room without the screaming and hitting. He went to his friend's house for the night. I was also thinking that he might ENJOY the company of this young woman way to much, if you know what I mean.

My biggest worry was that they would go into their Honeymooners routine and scare the poor girl off. I promise, they act like old married people. Diva's mom and I kid about them getting married someday.

We got pizza, we gave Brit the Sitter the specifics on what they could and couldn't get away with, and we left. The movie was great! I think I liked the dialogue better than anything. Robert Downey, Jr. was really believable. And likable. But mostly, funny. Afterwards, we went to Olive Garden and had a really nice dinner. Adult conversation is something that I'm completely lacking in these days. The only time the sitter called is when the "Batman and Robin" movie couldn't be found. (I had to hide it in my unmentionables drawer or he would play it everyday.) So, I sent Brit to find it there. How embarrassing....Diva's mama thought it was funny.

My opinion? Go see it...and take a date!