Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Yes, my kid, who now wants me to refer to him by his name, Sam,is missing in action. Oh, I remember him. A sweet, compliant, honor student who said, "Yes, ma'am" when I called his name is gone from our house. In our version of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", we find this wonderful child replaced by this venomous creature, who mopes in a millisecond. It appears that there is not enough space in this house to accommodate our family and all his hair care products. While at the pool last week, he kept asking me, "What's up?" all in an effort to get my MIRRORED glasses facing his direction so he could check his reflection.Never having to deal with this before (mother of all boys), I am ill-equipped with this sudden stage of vanity. Last year, we couldn't get him to take a daily shower. This year, he's showering twice a day. And the diets...well, not a real diet, per se, but he went from eating everything in sight, to one helping of the main course and complaining about his abs. Sheesh....

I have been told by my friend Martha to pray diligently and hang on tight. At 13, it's just the beginning. And experience tells me she's right.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight

Well, you knew I was going, didn't you? I mean, the whole free world went, according to box office totals. We opted for the Saturday night show. Again, we went with Diva's parents, same babysitter, out to eat later...your basic parent's night out.

Here's the scoop I didn't know: he actually appeared in the movie without The Joker makeup. I guess I never noticed the scars under the red paint.

The story of how he got them changed every time he was about to off someone. That's about it on origins, though. I think two of the best lines were, "I'm like a dog chasing a parked car. I wouldn't know what to do with it if I had it!" and talking to Batman, "You complete me."

Heath Ledger did a great job. The story has enough subplots to keep you busy. It's a shame the guy isn't around for his kudos. He certainly deserved them.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

WIP Wednesday: Shirt off my back

Pickle took this picture, not bad if I do say so myself. Maybe he's going to be the next blogger in the family. Heaven forbid!

So, here's Simplicity 2898

Now, this is what it was supposed to look like:

I will not beat myself up for such obvious mistakes, but I am grateful to have only spent $4 on the fabric. My buddy Robin says make another while the iron is hot. So, stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My own personal "Bucket List"

Okay, time to fess up. It was my birthday this past Saturday, and while it's not a milestone, it's definitely a fork in the road kinda thing. Simply put, I'm considered "middle-aged" today. Okay, I know I could have started that clock ticking at 40, but I was too busy having a baby. I was lucky to have my best friend, Robin, and her girls, visiting me last week. The estrogen level reached new heights around here. Robin wanted to know what I wanted for my birthday, and of course, it was something to do with sewing.(BTW: hourglass was curtesy of Steve at Square Goldfish.

This is the book I picked. Mind you, all I have ever done is quilting. Oh, the occasional button, but not a skirt, or shirt, or even a crummy pillow. What I like about this book is that she's passionate about what she does. For me, that's everything. If you aren't passionate about quilting, or sewing, or even knitting and crocheting, WHY would you spend the time to learn??? Anyway, I've got a shirt cut out. Robin helped me pick out a pattern.

I picked up some cotton knit at the remnant part of Joann's, so we shall see how it turns out. Hunnybunny groaned when he saw the book. "Don't you have enough unfinished projects around the house now?" Apparently not.
The Diva's mom and dad gave me a gift certificate to Barnes and Nobles and one for Joann's. Way cool! So I got me some fabric, notions, and this book by Karen Combs that I've been coveting. Jericho and She Who Must Be Obeyed gave me some money, and made me a birthday cake! So much for going to Weightwatchers this week! Hunnybunny got me an Eeyore watch and Pickle got me a teddy bear. I heard from college friends, local friends, and even my exhusband on my birthday, so I think it was pretty great.

No, I've not seen the movie. But I like the concept. So, here's my own personal "Bucket List":

1. See at least one kid graduate high school, preferably college.
2. Make at least one outfit with a pattern. (Well, I'm working on that one.)
3. Enter at least 3 quilt contests. If you enter, they critique and let you know how to get better.
4. Go back to Savannah, Georgia to FINISH the honeymoon. The wedding virus hit Hunnybunny, and we couldn't stay.
5. Live in a house with a finished basement to throw children and their friends in.
6. See the Pacific Ocean.
7. Ride the Beast at King's Island.
8. Read Gone with the Wind.
9. Read through the entire Bible.
10. Lose at least 40 lbs.
11. Ride in a convertible.
12. Camping in Colorado or some mountainous range.
13. Take a walk through a rainstorm with Hunnybunny.

Well, there's a few, anyway.