Friday, June 20, 2008

You always knew I was this snotty, didn't you?

I'm not beyond stealing something off of someone's blog if it's really cute. So, I stole it from Jill. Feel free to steal it from me.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Most Serene Highness Lady Beth the Hunted of New Porton Wells
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Friday, June 13, 2008

I wanna soak up the sun...

or so sings Cheryl Crow. But I didn't soak it up. I let The Pickle and his pals do it for me. Please excuse the 'creative' editing. He is having the time of his life.
Here he is with the Diva and She Who Must Be Obeyed. A slip n' slide isn't a bad investment for the hot summer days.
I have enjoyed this summer so far because I know it will be my last before he starts school. Look at him, not a care in the world.
The only major drawback is that he thinks we have to do this EVERYDAY. Only one of them is tan enough that she doesn't get scorched after 20 minutes.
Many thanks to Jericho without whose help this summer, I would be lost.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I still haven't found that 12-step program for

...sewing machine collectors. Okay, I know y'all think I'm crazy, but I just couldn't turn it down. Here's the scoop:

My buddy, Jane, was looking for a black Singer sewing machine for her sister in law. She found one at the same Goodwill I've been lucky at and showed it to me in the back of her van.

"I'll bet it's a 66. Those are great!" becoming glassy eyed. Jane dug in her bag and retrieved the manual! A 66-18! But, there's always a catch. It was a crinkle finish. Another name is the "Godzilla" finish.
A machine is a machine to me, but the sister in law didn't want it because it wasn't a black shiny one. Now, how could I turn it down? It had to have a good home, didn't it? At least, that's what I told Hunnybunny as I picked it up.
(Oh, and I finally got Jan Krentz's book!)

Sorry the top's upside down. See the crinkle skin?
Isn't this a great poster? I bought it off of eBay months ago for about $10. Hunnybunny had it matted and framed for me for our anniversary. I think it's gorgeous! My grandmother was born in 1900, and she might have looked a lot like the seamstress in the poster.