Friday, November 30, 2007

Is it true that long-distance relationships can work out?

Because I'm about to find out. My 22 year old baby is moving to Arizona.Sorry I've not been a good blogger since we've come back from vacation. We ended up going from Kentucky, to Nashville, down to Tallahassee, across the state to Jacksonville, and then up to Nashville, and finally back to Kentucky. Total mileage on this trip was 1808 miles!

In between recuping from the trip, I've heard from the Legal Adult. He's leaving. He went to Phoenix about 4 years ago and now he's going back. It's just hard to let them go sometimes. I'm driving him to the Louisville Airport tomorrow, and he connects in Philly. Then, straight through to Phoenix.

I know it's time. He kinda followed me up here from Tennessee and always loved it out west. Think of me tomorrow....I'll most likely be sad.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Just a little of this and that

Well, to appease the mother-in-law in my life, Here are a few kiddo shots from her favorite little man:
He played so hard that day with the Diva that they just gave out!
This is a self-portrait...stole Mommy's camera and took a bunch of "interesting" pictures.

What can I say about this one? He looks so perfect...and thankfully, peaceful!

We are headed for the panhandle for the first time since.....well, I deleted the old blog, so I can't remember. But, it's been over a year. We're driving outside of Nashville first, spend the night and drop off the Rock Star to see his daddy-o for the holiday. Then, we'll head toward Tallahassee from there. It's a lot easier breaking up the trip.In sewing and quilting news, I think my obsession has driven my Hunnybunny nuts. With two kids, (and at times during the school year, 7 kids, and only 1100 square feet, some of my stuff is getting to be, well, messy. With that in mind, I made a crucial decision: one of my machines had to go. I have 4 and can't possibly use them the way someone with only one could. So, I'm parting with the first of my collection: my Singer 201. This was the one I found at Goodwill that started it all. I bought a power cord for it and a cheap cabinet to house it in. I think my friend, Lake, could use a little sunshine that only a sewing machine can give. She has an old Kenmore, but really wanted one of these old Singer's. I still have my 15-91, and 99K. The only thing I'm really going to miss about this machine is that huge space between the needle and base. Lots of room for rolling up your quilt there.

She's a dear friend, and we worked on that very LOUD quilt, "Proud Mama", that you see here.

I'm sort of in a sewing "slump". It's not that I don't have anything to work on, it's simply that I don't find myself motivated to finish anything. Ever get like that?

So,I submit to you my new project: a hobo bag!

Remember that cool Jacobean Rhapsody fabric I bought at Paducah over a year ago? Well, this is it. I was pretty nervous cutting it.
You have to click on this and really blow it up, but I'm trying to embellish it before I sew it together. So, now you can see why I'm trying to give Hunnybunny less to complain about. The beading stuff will certainly drive him the rest of the way nuts!

And last, but certainly not least, my buddy Jane Ann, over at The Jettstream, inspired me to create a cutting table out of a former micro-wave table!I noticed this old, rickety micro-wave table in the garage of one of the kids I keep so I asked what they wanted for it. 0! Gotta love 'em!
A few dry board wood screws later....TA-DA! It's sturdy! Thanks for the inspiration, Jane Ann! Go and visit...she's chalked full of great ideas!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Getting Tagged by Quilt Mommy Quilts

What a nice lady Valerie is over at Quilt Mommy Quilts! She tagged me for a here you go, Valerie!
1. When did you start to create and make crafts? Okay, don't laugh, but I actually didn't start until I moved away from Tennessee. Not having friends, family or a life will do that to you. I had been trying to learn quilting from my friend Martha before I for 10 years! But never got adventurous enough to purchase my own machine. Simply Quilts changed all that as I watched it everyday and here was Jinny Beyer, hand piecing! So to truly answer that question, 2004.
2. Why did you start creating? I had seen what others could do and wanted to be in their club, so to speak. I've always loved fabric, it was just time to do something with it.
3. Why do you create? It's who I am, I think. My sons are artistic, but that's from their dad. I kind of paint with fabric.

4. What do you create? Mostly lap quilts.

5. Has this changed since you began crafting? Yeah, the whole artistic quilt thing has really changed.

Monday, November 5, 2007

I'm thinking a 12 step group might help with my current obsession.

Maybe a group like, "Antique Sewing Machine Collectors Anonymous. First step: We admitted we were powerless over buying antique sewing machines, that our lives had become unmanageable.

This is a 1956 Singer 99K. It was made in the Singer factory in Scotland. So, I guess between the other machines, my Singer 15-91 is from Canada, my (new)Pfaff Hobby (I think they are discontinued now) was made in Germany, and my Singer 201, (made in the good ole US of A), you could say I'm an international quilter. Nah....I'm just a sucker for beautiful, old machines. You should have seen Hunnybunny's face when the postman rang the bell with this huge package. This is my answer to getting a portable machine.!

I was really too cheap to get the 221 Featherweight. They start at about $250. See, I won this on Ebay. I was one of two bidders. Guess what the winning bid was? $30

It came complete with case.

Friday, November 2, 2007

I don't ever think I've been this tired....

have you?? Poor baby, too tired to finish his icecream. He had quite a day!