Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pickle turns 6 and everything's a ch-ch-changing

All kinds of changes going on around here. Here's a big one for me: Jo-Jo and Idgy's new little brother. I haven't been around him long enough to come up with an internet-safe, nickname yet, but that is happening in the coming weeks. He's not quite a day old in this picture,what a sweet baby!

And here is the carnage that is another birthday for the Dyl Pickle. I did the whole Spiderman cake thing again this year, determined to use that character cake pan at least one more time. My fingers and nails are still blue.

I guess it didn't turn out too bad. I really don't like Wilton's buttercream frosting recipe. The picture on the directions makes everything look starry...mine was just sort of "fill in the blanks as best you can".

Then, we have this milestone: The Pickle minus two teeth! I guess I realized that it was all coming, but man, it just seemed to happen so fast this year.

Pickle's 6Th birthday falls the day after school starts, so we had the party yesterday. Jo-Jo came for the party and his pal from nursery days spent the night. Very low key this year...I'm getting too old for major productions.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Art Now For Autism

Hey, my our quilting/creative sister,Leah over at Colorful Art Girl is sponsoring a giveaway to benefit Art Now For Autism. Go by, enter, and help this mighty cause.

This month, I'm trying my best to finish the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds quilt for my son. His birthday was in that's how far I am behind. I have sewn the top right corner and now working on the middle. I'll keep you posted.

Freedom of Speech is one thing....

But setting yourself up to be rammed, flipped off, or a victim of road rage is another. Check out the bumper stickers. While I do agree with some, I wouldn't be dumb enough to plaster my car with them. Someone is going to get offended. If you want to express your opinion on such, go to the polls, write the editor, or even your congressperson. But don't do's embarrassing.