Thursday, December 27, 2007

Boy, do I feel sheepish.....

to tell you that the "game" did not have it's intended effect. The game meaning what we did to The Rock Star at Christmas.(See previous post.) I was all for drawing it all out...but Hunnybunny didn't make him wait at all hardly.

The presents were opened, and all he (The Rock Star) asked was, "Is this all of them?" I let the question slide. Hunnybunny did, too. And then, a little later, he asked again. Hunnybunny told him to check the closet and the rest, they say, is history. I'll give him this much, he should have won the Oscar for acting surprised when he opened it. I did ask him straight out if he peeked. He said 'no', but the top of his ear turned pink. That's his indicator that he's not telling the truth. But I'll be alot more careful next year.

And to answer a reader who raised a valid question, no, he doesn't even know where to find my blog. Hunnybunny does, however, so I can tell you now what I got him. The picture to the left is the Serenity movie poster, but these characters are from the Firefly series that was short-lived on FOX. It's shown every now and again on The Sci-Fi channel, but I wanted to get the whole Firefly series for him for Christmas. It's sort of a sci-fi western, but it's really good. We've stayed up the last three nights watching until 1:00 AM. Nothing keeps me awake that long, so you know it's good.

As for me, I had a good Christmas, but did miss the Legal Adult alot. Guess it's time to let you all know he left Arizona. The former girlfriend was just that, FORMER, and she didn't bother to tell him before that she had a current boyfriend. So, his dad flew him to his place outside of Nashville. I'm just glad he's with family.

Here's hoping you all had a blessed Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Spy vs. Spy.....The Christmas Edition

Now, you all remember our friends here from Mad Magazine? I must have spent hours reading it in junior high. Apparently, I have my own scenario going on at my house. My wonderful, completely trust-worthy 12 year old presented his dad and I with a Christmas list. That's not really surprising, is it? The surprising part was that it was only a couple of days ago. Kinda suspicious...most kids get you that info long before the 14th of December. And included on this list of things he wanted were things he DIDN'T want. Things that were already purchased and in hiding at my house. The number one item was, of course, Guitar Hero III, which I was smart enough to get at the onset of the month. Incredibly, he said that was his number 2 item. His number 1 was something we hadn't purchased, (and have no intentions of doing so) The Sims 2. Now, he has gone on and on about Guitar Hero III being the main big present that he gets for Christmas. Why would our sweet, adorable, completely without sneakiness, 12 year old change his mind? Because he probably has been snooping around while we've been out of the house.

I say, let's play the game. My goal is to get him to tell on himself. Said Guitar Hero III has been put away and will not be found immediately under the tree. Let's see if he owns up. We'll do the whole A Christmas Story thing, and not bring it out until later.

I know, I know...cruel and unusual punishment.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The apocalypse is coming.....

because I said it would have to for me to incur another car payment. Yep, I have a new car. And not just a "new to me" car. A real, new car. Why no exclamation marks? Well, I'm still getting used to the idea. Let me spin the yarn of how it all went down.

Hunnybunny calls me at midnight this past Tuesday. He was coming home from rehearsals for the Christmas program at church.

"Hey, my Honda is making a weird noise." How anyone can be this awake at this hour is beyond me.

"It's 14 years old, of course it's making a weird noise." I chirp back, (secretly thinking, "You called me to tell at this hour?!")

"No, this is a WEIRD noise. Like a top spinning out of control. It started earlier today during lunch, went away, now it's back."

"Well, we'll check it out." By this time, I'm awake now.

I heard him pull in, but the engine was still going. "That's just like him," I thought, "checking it out NOW!"
Then he comes in, "Well, I have bad news. Or good news, if you want to think of it that way."


"The engine just quit, along with a puff of smoke and all the coolant just came out."

I'm thinking, "So, we'll just get it fixed."

"That means we just blew a head gasket."


Now, I'm a little up on engines. I know how to change the oil, the tire, put anti-freeze in it. Heck, I could change the spark plugs years ago. But someone told me a blown head gasket is probably a new engine. So, here it is, Christmas, a down car, the other very old and both of us with obligations that require us to drive in different directions. Believe it or not, I didn't worry about it. I normally would, but somehow, the peace of God came over me and I knew we would be fine.

The next day, Hunnybunny talks to his boss, who has connections, and in one afternoon, we have this:(This is a pic off the Internet. It's been too cold to take a pic outside.
It's a 2007 Kia Optima LX. Folks, the last time I had a car payment was 1992. It was a Chevy Cavalier station wagon. And it was used. I still have "Baby", my 1987 Honda Accord. And I've had her since 1997 with 108K original miles. She just turned over 200K.
Anyway, I've always been thankful for her. And it's amazing she's still around.
I'll get more excited about having a new car when I realize I'm not going to be waking up and finding it's all been a dream.
I'll post some pictures once the freezing rain stops.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Progress on the hobo bag and a Legal Adult update

First and foremost, I'd like to thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes about The Legal Adult. Your words and prayers have meant much. The Pickle and Rockstar accompanied me to the airport to drop big brother off. I haven't flown since before 9/11, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. We weren't allowed to wait in the terminal with him. That really reeked because we hadn't said our goodbyes. Imagine saying goodbye in front of the security guards and a bunch of people waiting in line behind wasn't the way I wanted to say goodbye. But we did see him through security and I gave him the sign language sign for I love you. He did the same, held it to his heart, and reached out in my direction. I was absolutely FINE until he did that. The next thing I know, the tears finally showed up. Oh, I wasn't sad for him, I was feeling wretched for me. I've done this with him before but this time, I knew it would be awhile before I saw him again. He called me when he landed, and he's doing well. Anyway, thanks again for your support!

I want to show you what I did with my thanksgiving break.
It was my first time trying to bead anything, so I read up on it online.

I bought most of the beads from

I used fishing line to attach the beads. It's not like from the tackle shop, just check the beading area of your
Michael's or Hobby Lobby.

The best thing I found was a needle with a collapsible eye. Really saves your sanity.