Monday, September 8, 2008

My son, the married man

Oh, you might be thinking, "The Legal Adult has gone off and gotten married?" And due to his consenting age, that would normally be a good guess for the eldest son. But alas, it isn't the eldest who has claimed a bride, it's the YOUNGEST!

The beautiful girl by his side is his childhood friend, Easter. Of course, that's not her REAL name, but that will do. Pickle informed her mother, my friend, Ally, that they had gotten married last year on the playground. These pictures were taken at a recent playdate. He informed me today that he needed to go see his "wife".
"Easter, Mommy, Easter!"

She has a birthday coming up this weekend and we are going. Easter will all of 4. You know, you wonder how much they pay attention to what we do. Pickle has an old keyboard on his dresser, along with an old cell phone and deodorant container. Before he treks off to kindergarten, he is at the keyboard.

"What are you doing, Pickle?"

"Checking my email, Mommy."

Then he picks up the phone, " I have to check my voice mail." And finally, he "puts on deodorant". It's all pretend deodorant lest I get any concerned emails. I know they grow up fast, but this is faster than I wanted. I guess he's going to be a family man, like his dad.


Katie said...

That's too sweet! :-)

Debra said...

One day one of my best friends came over with her daughter who was a bit younger than Will at the time. He was about 5 so she was probably 4. He says to her, "Wanna play house?"

She says, "Sure!"

He says, "OK, take off your clothes and let's jump into bed!"

OMG! I was mortified and her mother was all about changing the subject and steering them away from "playing house"!

To this day, I will never forget that!!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Have fun at the party.

I'm at one of your favorite places this week for much needed r and r. We ate seafood at Calabash last night.


vtquilter said...

That's sweet. And so funny that he checks his 'e-mail and voice mail'! I guess they are always watching us.

thislittlepiggy said...

Puts on deodorant? He has a good role model! ;o)

swooze said...

Adorable! Can he teach my 15 year old about deodorant application?

Lynn E said...

My goodness he is cute.