Friday, September 20, 2013

Time to get back to work

My hiatus from quilting is over. Nursing school is done, NCLEX-PN taken, and I am employed. So, it's time to go back to what I love to do....quilting!
Since I blogged last, we have moved to a bigger house. My quilting stuff is now in the garage with it's own workbench! Pretty cool! I finally finished fixing that purse that came back in my possession when the recipient broke up with my son. She had left it for me to fix, and then she broke up with him. Possession is 9/10 th's of the law in this case. So, I fixed it, and gave it to a very dear friend who loved it!
Anyway, it's a start. I have so many projects that are just waiting for me to finish. Such as the Legal Adult's Beatles quilt, and so many others I need to do something with. I did find that my machine had trouble as it had sat dormant for so long. Beyond just an occasional cub scout badge or fixing a button, it just didn't get used.
I am having to share the garage with Hollywood and his guitar stuff. But I don't mind, I'm just so happy he's home. Graduated this past June with honors!
The Dyl Pickle is a Weblos II cubscout now. He will cross over at the end of the school year. Working on his Arrow of Light with his buds, playing cello in the orchestra of his school, and just getting used to the fifth grade is what he is up to.
The Legal Adult has a new job, new apartment and most of the time, a new attitude. I don't get to see him as much as I'd like, but for awhile, I got to see him everyday. His apartment was 2 blocks from the hospital I work for and I used to get an hour for lunch. But now, we moved the hospital, and he works all the time, so there you go.
As for me, I work every other weekend, but so far, so good. You won't read anything about my job on here as I'd just as soon not lose my license. It's exhausting, but I like it so far.
Hunnybunny is doing well. He works for a new company out of Nashville, and they keep him on a plane every couple of weeks now. Incidentally, that part sucks. But I get to see him a lot during the week.
I'll try to keep up with your blogs a lot better, too. I have missed hearing about your lives.