Sunday, April 27, 2008

Don't hate me because I met Jim Caviezel

I mean, just because YOU didn't get to meet him...hey, I'm just going on with you. I had the priveledge of meeting this nice gentleman last night as he spoke at my church, believe it or not. He spoke about stepping up and being a man. His career got off the fast track when he did the role of Jesus in Passion of The Christ.

This is Jim in Deja Vu.

As our Lord Jesus in Passion of The Christ. Hollywood pretty much blackballed him from top roles. I read where he was passed up by Bryan Singer for Cyclopes in X-Men after he played Jesus. Make no mistake, he is a true believer and stands for Christ.

And as the Count of Monte Cristo. I have always thought he was great, but after I looked into his eyes and shook his hand, I have a new perspective. By the way, his eyes? They're green, not brown. And I thanked him for doing Passion and told him I loved him in Count of Monte Cristo. Okay, so I got a little star-struck. But he's the first reknown actor I've ever met.
His latest project is a voicing gig on The Word of Promise.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

WIP Wednesday: The Boy Scout Quilt....Delivered!

Two years is way too long for someone special to receive a quilt! But when you have more ambition than ability at the time, it's totally understandable.

I started this quilt as a thank you to a special scout leader named Chip. He had a great influence on the boys in our pack and now in the troop. What I admired about him was his willingness to give of himself, a trait that is lacking for allot of us in this day and time. And he made time for my kid, the Rock Star. The Rock Star got interested in guitar because of this man.

He's like that with other kids as well, and makes time for his family, too. For those of you who have read about my adventures with Jane, he's her other half.

Here's the label that Debra made. Isn't it grand? Go and see her for your label needs, too!

He looks happy and he was over the moon about it. Chip even took it to his special music room to see where he'd like to hang it.

Words really can't express everything I learned while doing this quilt. Just a few things, machine applique, machine quilting, using a quilt pounce, binding, measuring, and figuring out my creative style. I think I was more blessed by doing this quilt than any so far. I'm just tickled it's going to such a special man!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Quilt Everyday....the Results

You remember the challenge issued to "Quilt Everyday"? Well, here are my results:

Finally finished binding the Scout quilt! I had never done a GOOD binding before, so I'm at least pleased it turned out.

Debra is making me a label for it and I'll post it when it arrives. I'm more excited about the label than the quilt!

This is for Grandma Hunnybunny, but I'm not sure I'll make it by May. But I've been cutting out the fabric,(my biggest handicap) for a month now.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Break.....By the Numbers

We took spring break down to the Emerald Coast. It was chilly the first day, but better the second. More pics in my box to your right.

Spring Break the numbers.

1. Rode 625 miles from here to the Panhandle with two kids in the back seat.

2. Ate off the value menu at McD's at least 5 times on the road.

3. Drove no more than 200 miles on a 1,700 mile trip.

4. Was waited on by my Sister-in-law at least 50 times. I think I'd really like to have a wife....

5. Broke up at least 20 squabbles by the siblings in the back seat.

6. Reunited one family. Meet The Hunnybunnies!

7. Went to ONE quilt store on the coast. Bought 3 fat quarters

8. Lost 6 pounds on this trip, McD's and home cooking, too!

9. Outran one tornado.

10. Made 3 quilt blocks.

11. Made one Great Grandma Hunnybunny happy....priceless!