Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Break.....By the Numbers

We took spring break down to the Emerald Coast. It was chilly the first day, but better the second. More pics in my box to your right.

Spring Break the numbers.

1. Rode 625 miles from here to the Panhandle with two kids in the back seat.

2. Ate off the value menu at McD's at least 5 times on the road.

3. Drove no more than 200 miles on a 1,700 mile trip.

4. Was waited on by my Sister-in-law at least 50 times. I think I'd really like to have a wife....

5. Broke up at least 20 squabbles by the siblings in the back seat.

6. Reunited one family. Meet The Hunnybunnies!

7. Went to ONE quilt store on the coast. Bought 3 fat quarters

8. Lost 6 pounds on this trip, McD's and home cooking, too!

9. Outran one tornado.

10. Made 3 quilt blocks.

11. Made one Great Grandma Hunnybunny happy....priceless!


Angela said...
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Angela said...

Sorry, I messed up my comment:-).
Lemme try this again..

WOW! What a trip:-). Out ran a tornado?? Did you see cows flying? *giggles* (from the movie Twister). Love the quilt blocks. Glad y'all had fun:-).

Beth said...

I liked ALL the pictures..but the Great Grandma Hunnybunny smile is the BEST! Priceless is right...

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

what colorful blocks! i'm glad you had fun on your trip, the sand looks awesome!

Grandma & Kelly said...

Grandma says she wants some of the pics if you'll send them on a disc like last time. Let her know how much it cost and she'll send you the money. I think they look great. We love yal.