Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Getting Tagged by Quilt Mommy Quilts

What a nice lady Valerie is over at Quilt Mommy Quilts! She tagged me for a meme...so here you go, Valerie!
1. When did you start to create and make crafts? Okay, don't laugh, but I actually didn't start until I moved away from Tennessee. Not having friends, family or a life will do that to you. I had been trying to learn quilting from my friend Martha before I left..like for 10 years! But never got adventurous enough to purchase my own machine. Simply Quilts changed all that as I watched it everyday and here was Jinny Beyer, hand piecing! So to truly answer that question, 2004.
2. Why did you start creating? I had seen what others could do and wanted to be in their club, so to speak. I've always loved fabric, it was just time to do something with it.
3. Why do you create? It's who I am, I think. My sons are artistic, but that's from their dad. I kind of paint with fabric.

4. What do you create? Mostly lap quilts.

5. Has this changed since you began crafting? Yeah, the whole artistic quilt thing has really changed.

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