Friday, December 5, 2008

Father Time is whooping up on me

Coming from the mailbox,I was so excited..three packages, for me for a change. However, the joy was bittersweet. Two of the three were reminders that Father Time has announced his presence.

First, I finally got my glasses! Why I'm excited about that escapes me. Nobody could ever get me to wear them and now I can't read the back of a can or a street sign without them. Remember when I told you about this site, a while back? Well, I got them. Two pairs for $25.00. The other pair I'm going to use for reading and needlework. I'm just glad I didn't have to pay a fortune just to see.

Recently, I won a $25 gift certificate from
Christian Bloggers Online. The gift certificate was for You'd think quilting books, a movie, something cool like that, right? wasn't what I needed. I thought I'd try these:Exciting, no?

Okay, sue me, but I was watching an infomercial about
these. I go through shoe inserts so easily I thought maybe they would work. I have that heel spur thing, and translated it means I've been running around barefoot way too long. They feel great, so I'll keep you posted.
It really reeks getting old, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but it beats the alternative. I got expensive orthotics from my podiatrist and they are wonderful, but had I known I could get those inserts I would have. Oh well, live and learn. I can't see ANYthing closer than an arm's length without glasses, but I no longer need glasses for distance vision. Go figure. And then there are the hot flashes....

Scrappy Cat said...

I'm so with you on both the glasses and the orthotics! I've worn glasses most of my life, but I've needed bifocals for several years now. And I can't wear "normal" shoes anymore - every shoe I wear has to be able to accommodate my orthotics. I've tried several kinds (expensive ones from The Good Feet store, custom . . . I have the best luck with some inserts by New Balance - but these look promising). Good luck on these!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, cry me a river, squirt! You KNOW what I've been doing lately. If you still have a (sort of) toddler still running around--of your own, that is, you're YOUNG!

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

bone spurs are awful, i found out a few months ago i have one in my right foot - and i'm only 31 and have never had any kids! my mom told me she has them really bad. so i threw away my favorite flip flops (no more flip flops for me) and got rid of some of my less worthy shoes. i bought a pair of expensive but good for my feet shoes, and haven't had a problem since. and i bought a new pair of running shoes, asics, and they also have helped my feet. i realized i was ruining my feet by wearing crappy shoes.

anyway hope the orthotics work for you. iwear glasses too but i mostly wear contacts outside, i miss peripheral vision when i have the glasses on.

hope you enjoyed the holidays and continue to.

Katie said...

Hey those look great!

I need arch supports but my arch isn't where the "generic" arch supports or shoes think it is. I should try those. :-)

emi said...

OK, jettstream cracks me up. I think I like her. You look beautiful in your glasses.