Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happiness is a new Kirby!

 When my mother passed in 2003, she left me her Kirby 2000. Ever since, I have been a cheerleader for the company. Kirbys are like tanks. They can be a little cumbersome if you have to grace any steps, but otherwise, they now come with a "Drive" and "Neutral" feature. Most come with a ton of attachments, videos, instruction manuals and the like.  And they come with a mighty pricetag as well: upwards of $1500!
The Legal Adult has become very domestic of late. Apparently, it's not cool to have a dirty apartment anymore. And there are his allergies to consider. He bought a Bissel  from Wally World that ended up in pieces after only a few months. So, dear ole Mom has been lugging her machine over to his upstairs apartment, and up two flights of iron steps. (The things we do for our kids....sigh). Anyway, something inspired him to start looking for a used Kirby. Mom thought Craigslist, (the internet version of swapshop) might have something in his price range. And, sure enough, it did. Several, in fact. I found them and sent emails with L.A.'s  phone number. A seller called him, and he said he would think about it. In his head, it was just too good to be true. Then he left a message with her. She didn't call back, so he figured it was sold. Just as he was about to go with another seller, she called back. It turned out she lived a mile from my house! So, I picked it up and took it to him. Beautiful machine, all the attachments, manual, and even several bags and spot cleaners. He thinks he hit the lottery....but I know it was a God thing!

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this is very cool! love your blogs :)