Thursday, March 29, 2007

"Every Girl's Crazy 'bout A Sharp Dressed Man"

Well, Z. Z. Topp is right, we are all crazy about sharp dressed men. Unfortunately, the reason Hunnybunny's so sharp dressed is a funeral. But I had to snap some pics for Grandma Hunnybunny.

Did I mention he's 6'4? And no, he's not military. He can't stand his wavy hair to have any length to it. Personally, I'm still smitten.


emi said...

Say! That's a nice lookin' fella you got there!

Christy said...

what is it about guys when they dress up? I can look at the guy I date everyday and not even think wow, he's cute but when he dresses up a little...then I think WOW!

Makes me wonder what he thinks whenever I finally decide to get out of sleep pants & a t-shirt.

Kelly & Grandma said...

grandma hunnybunny? now thats really funny!! whats my nickname? grandma likes the pic of erin in his suit with his hands folded in front of him.