Monday, April 30, 2007

Debut of "Loose Strife" and a yard sale goes bust

Our community holds a yard sale twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall. So, I signed up to participate. My buddy, Jane, (of Goodwill hunting fame. Okay, it's not funny, but it's early)brought her stuff and allowed her son, The AC/DC Fan, to spend the night with the Boy Scout. Well, I got up early to get it all out there, and it started to rain. I kept taking clothes off the tree, putting them back, it was nuts. Finally the weather cooperated. However, the yard salers did not. I probably only had 7 or 8 actual stops. Jane sold the most, including the wildest set of boots I'd ever seen. My prize was selling my octagon table that I had bought some 9 years ago at a yard sale. The going price was a whopping 4 bucks. This little gal loved pedestal tables and mine was pretty heavy-duty. I'm glad it found a good home.
We were entertained by our sons, calling themselves "Loose Strife". I feel like I'm watching "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure", but unlike Bill and Ted, Boy Scout and AC/DC are actually pretty good. They set up their amps right on my steps.

Of course, Mr. Dyl Pickle had to get in a few pictures. He was our 'greeter' for the yard sale, telling the customers about each toy and how old he was when he played with it. Not a bad salesman. But he'd rather be in the walnut tree.


kaliblue said...

Sorry to read the yard sale was a bust. We are hoping to have one soon. Well when I get to feeling a bit better. Hey at least ya'll had great entertainment:-).
Have a great day!

Rian said...

Hey, I thought it was pretty clever (Goodwill Hunting). The kids are cute.

Debra Spincic said...

Another day, another dollar!

Miss Trashahassee said...

There's always next weekend, right?!

Miss T

Deborah said...

Goodwill hunting - very funny! And i love that lime green granny afghan.

Cheryl said...

Keep up the good work.