Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Living with Spiderman

I wish I could tell you the attraction. The movies have been out awhile now, and The Pickle is now all about Spiderman. His Grandma Hunnybunny sent him money for Easter, and this is what he wanted. And in his hand, you'll see the Spiderman action figure that hardly ever leaves his sight.
Last night, he wore the costume OVER his Lighting McQueen P.J.s. I guess they all have one hero. For the Legal Adult, it was Batman. For the Boyscout, it's all Star Wars. So, little brother is coming up the rear with Spiderman.


Rian said...

I've seen this attraction play out in my sister's grandsons, but I don't get it either. Give that kid a pair of Superman pajamas and he's flying off the back of the chair. Yeah, and he holds those little figurines while he's in costume, too.

Gotta love that they have an imagination.

kaliblue said...

Well he makes a mighty handsome spidey :-). I also wanted to answer your question from a while back about what part of Tn I live in. I'm not sure if I ever answered. It's Maryville Tn :-).
Honda and Toyota make really good cars that last forever it seems. Good thing too with the sticker shock of car prices these days:-).
Have a great day!!

Samantha said...

We have a spiderman fascination here as well, but also, The Incredibles and Buzz Lightyear. All 3 are acceptable.

Today, my son wanted to wear a short sleeved incredibles shirt, but it's cold, so I made him put a long sleeved shirt under it. He insisted it be yet another incredibles shirt...