Friday, August 10, 2007

Spiderman birthday and yet another late WIP

Yes, friends and neighbors, it was almost 4 years ago that I had this little baby, The Pickle. (This is a sort of sentimental post, so bear with me.) He has been a wonderful gift to Hunnybunny and I, and even his big brothers, although they won't admit it. The anniversary of that great day is coming up, and I simply can't believe it!

For some unknown reason, I have done things differently with this son. When I had this one back in 1985, I just didn't try to do things. I was in my 20's and still nursing a bad self-esteem, so come time for birthdays, I ORDERED the cake. We had some really great cakes. But now, I feel that there's just something about a mama making a homemade birthday cake. I tried when The Pickle was having his first birthday, and it turned out okay. But the last couple of years I (and Grandma Hunnybunny) have bought cakes from Wally World. So, I decided to try a Spiderman cake.

It's not bad, at least it LOOKS like Spiderman. Pickle keeps going to the fridge to "check on his cake".

In other non-family news, here's my WIP for QOV:. It's coming around. Now if you want to see something wild, check this out:

That is the PIECED BORDER of one Geronimo for her very FIRST QUILT!
Here's what it will look like. Pretty ambitious for a first time quilter. Hey, I saved this from a magazine and still haven't used it yet. I think we can expect extraordinary things from this young lady. She isn't even a teenager, yet.


Samantha said...

Happy almost birthday to the pickle!!! LOVE that cake! WE try to make all of ours- there IS something special about it. They'll remember your love and effort way more than the unoriginal perfection of a store cake! You rock!

Deborah said...

It does mean a lot for Mom to bake the cake. As long as she was able, Mom baked all of us a birthday cake (our favorite flavor).

Kay said...

I too always made bday cakes (still do sometimes). Since one son has a Christmas birthday that sort of limits the Christmas dessert choices! Happy bday to the pickle. What a doll!

lil ole' me..... said...

Happy Birthday to your son!
I thought it was so cute that you wrote he keeps going to the fridge to check on his cake!!! Even superheros need looked out for! :)