Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update on College.

Okay, friends, (if anybody is really out there) I met with the very nice advisor this past Wednesday. We figured out that I didn't need to retake Intro to Pysch, (yea!) but I still have to take Developmental Pysch. There was a question of whether or not I'd be allowed to take the Algebra (that I totally made a D in) over. As it turned out, it was all good, and they're allowing me to better my grade. This will be kind of interesting as I had to buy some software, Math XL. My homework is accomplished (and graded) through that means. Pretty cool!
I now know I'm not in Kansas anymore as I made my way to the campus bookstore. Unbelieveable! 2 USED books + the software ran me $286! My head is still reeling from the sticker shock. Then, I find out today that the Math XL has to be accompanied by another piece of software called Course Compass. Going to my Algebra class at 9:30 AM on a Saturday, our class found we couldn't access the software. Upon contacting customer service via chat, I found out I have to purchase $72 worth of access codes. It's all a racket.
Oh, in case you are wondering, I'm still quilting. Just very slowly.....


Quilter In Paradise said...

yes you have friends out here! silly girl
I remember when I was in school the rip-off I felt everytime I had to buy books,,, yep, its a racket.
but think how good it will be to have that degree in hand!
hang in there...
Beth in Dallas

Katie said...


Debra said...

It is a racket!

. . . but Laura was able to do quite a bit of her philosophy work on-line and avoided the hour commute to the university so the cost of the books and supplies were sort of offset by the cost of gas and time.

I guess you trade one convenience for another somehow in that mix.