Thursday, February 18, 2010

Death by Algebra

I'm finally up for air. This class is about to kill me. The computer logs the amount of time I spent working on homework, tests, and quizzes. So far, I'm up to 101 HOURS! I thought this was a good plan, taking a hybrid course, half lecture, all work done through a venue online. My family hasn't seen me in days, except to bring me lattes and call me to dinner. Hunnybunny has been cooking and cleaning...and even taking care of the kids. He is a real sweetheart!
I've been doing some thinking. Given my age, I don't think I can afford to have a big wait to get into the RN program. I'm thinking of going into the LPN program instead. Question is: will I have the same respect from the nursing community? Is there a a big difference between the LPN and RN in duties? I put the question to all who read this.


lindaschiffer said...

I don't know exactly how old you are, but looking at your photo, you are younger than my Mom was -- she got her LPN when I was tiny, in the early 50's and then went back to school and got her RN well past the time I graduated from college -- when she was in her 40's. If my Mom (who is kinda math-phobic) can work her way through RN at that age ... you can do it, too!!

I don't know about nursing attitudes now (Mom retired about 10 years ago) but when Mom was working all through my childhood, LPNs were very much looked down upon and given the nasty jobs. :P And, of course, paid less.

I'd stick it out for the RN ... but only you can really decide that. As 'Dear Abby' says, no one an walk on you if you don't act like a doormat. :)


ArtGirl/California/United States said...

i say, good for you whatever you do! and MATH? GOOD FOR YOU!!! i think it would be worth it to stick it out for the RN. but you can always go back and do the RN if you choose the LPN and don't like it so much.

Katie said...

Wow. I don't know enough about the nursing world to answer. I can only say algebra was and is the death of me! Good luck to you. :-)