Sunday, April 25, 2010

Now I understand the hype

It's a cryin' shame that it has taken me over 30 years to get this done professionally, but I got my first pedicure/manicure yesterday! It's not that we are made of money: I actually won a spa treatment from Mix 94 here in Lexington last Christmas. I also won floor seats to see The Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Their Christmas show was wonderful, but I just never got around to the The Spa at Griffin Gate gift certificate. It had an expiration date of May 1st, so I figured I better get around to it this weekend. Absolutely beautiful, and peaceful, which I expect spas to be, as I've only seen on tv. This wonderful lady, Tameka, made me feel right at home. She absolutely pampered me. I'm going to have to go back for another one, like maybe for my birthday or something special. My tootsies never looked this good! She used hot towels,! I've just never been in that kind of heaven before.

And you know these two jokers....Hollywood wanted more pictures of himself, so he conned The Pickle into taking some outside.


Quilter In Paradise said...

your toes-ies look great! I've never done the manicure/pedicure experience, either. I don't know why,, maybe I should!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club! I don't get a mani/pedi often, but it's a great stress reliever. I like both, but I really love the pedi--aah! I'm glad you were able to do this.


Samantha said...

I ama sucker for mani-pedis. Do you have Groupon in your area? it's a great way to find super crazy cheap deals for pampering!

Kay said...

I actually don't like having a pedicure; my feet are ticklish and I'm nervous about the cutting, etc. But the results are wonderful indeed. You're reminding me that it's time to break down and have it done if my feet are going to be presentable.