Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rules for socks

I don't claim to be an expert on men, but let me tell you about a recent phenomenon I found....there are rules regarding the wearing of socks. Since Hunnybunny and I married in 2002, these rules have dominated and I was totally unaware of them. Finally, I asked him to break the silence so we can all be educated.

Top Ten Rules for Wearing Men's Socks

1. Socks can match either the shirt or pants.

2. Hunnybunny prefers that they match the pants because they blend in better.

3. You wear causal or dress socks with casual or dress shoes.

4. Never with sneakers.

5. Don't wear athletic socks with casual shoes. (running socks with oxfords)

6. Never wear dress socks with sneakers.

7. If you wear black shoes, then you wear black socks.

8. And if you wear white sneakers, then you need white socks.

9. You can wear patterned dress socks with solid dress suit.

10. And the cardinal rule is: Don't wear tube socks with shorts.

Also here's a
link to some style rule commandments.


Deborah said...

Thanks for the heads up. Next time I hear from the Mother Ship, I'll ask them to return my missing Hannukah sock. BTW, DH wears tube socks with his athletic shoes & bermuda shorts. Hopeless.

Debra Spincic said...

Wes is very picky about his clothes and especially about socks. He marks the inside waistband of his slacks with the color of the slacks. He tells me that way he always knows his black slacks from his dark navy blue slacks.

Socks are divided in the drawer into sections by colors. Well, they were until I came along. I can't tell the difference so toss them all in together. It's a minor irritation but then he folds my good tops and hangs up my crummy around the house tops so I figure we are even!!

Brigitte (SE. Louisiana) said...

My DH missed this class on sock etiquette. He will always try to wear white socks with jeans and brown leather shoes. I must print this out for him as a reference so he will quit rolling his eyes at me when I have him change them.

Michelle said...

Great list! When we first got married, my DH had NO clue about the proper socks to wear with dress pants or a suit. One Sunday I suggested that he check out the other guys' socks in our Sunday School class - lo and behold, not a single one was wearing white socks with their dress shoes! He converted instantly - we went to the store that afternoon to buy tan and black dress socks. :-)