Friday, March 7, 2008

Teach .....your children well......

I used to remember all of that song. But that was before my brain became M.I.A. Here's a couple of short Pickle funnies I thought you'd get a kick out of. We have always given our old cell phones to Pickle to play with. Probably not the best plan we've ever had as the batteries were still functional. And that means that even without a sim card, you can dial 9-1-1. You know where this is going.

Pickle has been learning why to dial 9-1-1 and apparently he's learned how. He hands the phone to me saying, "9-1-1, Mommy,9-1-1." He got a 'boo-boo' on his toe when he tripped and thought she should know about it.
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The other funny this week was as I was changing his clothes. "You can't see me, Mommy."
"Yes, I can, and even your tinney, heeny, hiney(tush).(hey, I don't make fun of your family-isms.)"
"No you can't, Mommy, my butt isn't open." It'll take a minute, but you'll figure it out.

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Angela said...

LOL kids say the cutest and darndest things don't they? My sis use to say some of the wildest, funniest things..
Have a great day!!