Thursday, July 12, 2007

Same ole, same ole....and late WIP WEDNESDAY

Well, it is around here, anyway. I didn't have a great picture to get your attention with, so I swiped this off
Shannon's blog. She writes Rocks in my dryer, and I'm a new fan. Gas here in Kentucky runs you about 3.19 a gallon. No wonder I'm walking.

Well,as for happenings around here, here's my protege's latest block, Interlocking Squares. She's putting it beside the snowball block. Now, this is a mock up. I don't know about the rest of you quilting people, but I always do a mock up first when I attempt a new block. I had some scraps from the bug jar quilt. I would post a link to the instructions, but in keeping with their terms of service, I can't post it. But, I can give you a link to the site.

And here's where she is with it, Interlocking Squares on the right.

My baby Dyl Pickle went to the allergy doctor today. It sounds bad, but I'm really glad I wasn't there. I don't think I could've handled watching him get stuck so many times. Amazingly enough, he wasn't allergic to anything. But apparently, he has sinus troubles. They've given him some antihistimines and a nasal spray that will make it worse before it gets better. The poor little guy has a chronic runny nose. This new stuff will "open the floodgates", if you will.

As for me, I've spent the last few days getting some stuff arranged and planning the next quilt. I'm thinking a hunter star that I have Thangles and batiks for.


DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

When I filled up last week I sure did feel like I gave all three when I saw the total on the gas pump.

Great blocks!

Give baby Dyl Pickle hugs from bloggerland.

espon ink cartridges said...
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emi said...

Holy cats! I saw the Orion's Star picture and knew immediately what it was. I made one of those in red and cream with the Thangles kit. It's FABULOUS! I got a second place ribbon at the fair in the pieced tops category. I was robbed, I tell you... :)