Tuesday, July 3, 2007

You say, "Mummies, I say, "Mommys...."

You know, the whole potato, potatoe....thing. This week, I'm officially on VACATION. Usually, that means you go somewhere. But, with the cost of gas, if we go somewhere, it'll be local. However, our vacation has begun with a bang, as our youngest, the Pickle, has been pretty sick. He got his very first ear infection at almost 4 years old. That's not a bad record. Unfortunately, he also got Pink Eye, which has been awful to get drops in his eyes. Bless his heart, getting sick the week of the fourth. So to cope we've let him watch TV.

He's decided he likes "The Mommies" movie.
"What,Pickle?" I asked him.
"The Mommies, Mommy."
Then it occurred to me: we watched The Mummy on USA this weekend. To me, that's a scream! He just thinks it's grand, and oh, so gross!

His new obsession is reading. That's a great obsession, but he wants to do it before Mommy and Daddy have had coffee. What's that in his hand? That would be "Toothbrush". We sleep with "Toothbrush", eat with "Toothbrush", play Spiderman and Venom with "Toothbrush". I have no idea why he uses a toothbrush as an action figure, but he does.

Maybe I'll get him this book: it's about a baby in a museum who thinks the Mummy is Mommy.


Debra Spincic said...

My nickname for a long time was Momster because one of my sons got tongue tied trying to say Monster & in my ignorance, answered him. Everyone thought it was funny and I was then proclaimed Momster!

Beth said...

Oh my favorite part of having young kids! The word jumble! I miss that...oh..and I LOVE Maurice Sendak. His illustrations are the BEST! (well maybe after Susan Branch and Mary Englebreit!) Happy 4th!

Grandma and Kelly said...

Grandma says she doesnt like to see him up in the tree cause shes afraid he might fall and hurt himself. Its been a while since yal've called.

Grandma and Kelly said...

Grandma says shes waiting for more pics to be posted. She knows how busy you are. She cant wait for thanksgiving. She wants to see her precious one and the rest of yal. Bye.