Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Second Childhood Adventures

Some of you were like me. You lived out in the sticks when you were young, with no other playmates around. And you loved your Barbies. They were, indeed, friends. Perhaps like me you had nothing but brothers. My brothers were notorious for giving my Barbies haircuts. It still grieves me that my mother didn't even punish them for destroying my dolls. Sigh...better get over it. It's just been 38 years. The statue of limitations for mean brothers must have run out by now.

Anyway, along comes ebay. And they have some of my dolls. They, of course, want a pretty pricey penny for them. So, I came up with a plan. I'd 'recreate' my doll. A lot of times, you can get the head, the body, the outfit for a deal. So that's what I did.

Meet Barbie's buddy P.J. from 1967. Her head, complete with sunglasses came seperately, as did the outfit. The beads, however, did not. I couldn't totally recreate her beads, so I did the best I could. I'm still waiting on a P.J. body on eBay. Then she'll be complete. You may be asking why would I do that since I don't have a daughter to pass it on to. I'm asking myself the same thing. Maybe the Legal Adult or the Rock Star will have a little girl that I can pass it on to someday. Maybe I'm just getting nostaglic in my mid-40's.

Oh, for my birthday, I saw this fabric on sale and fell in love. It's Fusions by Robert Kaufman. I don't really know what I'm going to do with it, but I have 2 yards to figure it out.


Catherine said...

That Kaufman fabric is absolutely gorgeous -- whatever you make with it!

Samantha said...

I hope her body shows up soon! Meanwhiule, enjoy that great gold!

Rian said...

I was too old for Barbie. But my mom bought me one anyway.

Love the fabric. I can see why you had to have it.

Deborah said...

I had the 1959 Barbie. The one in the b&W striped bathing suit & pony tail. Then I had the other editions. I left th 1959 Barbie, now worth about $5,000, at school and never saw it again. I also had no sisters but two brothers, one older and one younger. The older one, along with his two buddies, Johnnie and Virgil, handed me a purse one day. I opened it and a dead snake fell out. They fell down laughing while I had hysterics and my mother threatened to kill all three of them. So I know from mean brothers. Also Barbies. The gold Kaufman fabric is gorgeous.

emi said...

Oooooooh! Happy Birthday, great choice for a present!

I had two older brothers. Fortunately, they had GI Joe's. Their hands got blown off with firecrackers. But my brother's dachshund chewed on my Barbie from 1962. Dang.

Cara said...

Hi beth,
I gt your comment in my blog about abay groups fiber artists. Now they have "upgraded" and I have spent hours this morning trying to navigate. I guess all moderators have been removed, but I can't figure out how to do anything and all I can get are the definitions of what things are, not how to use them.

There was a poll to vote on what you liked with the new groups, but by 7:30 Pacific, 10:30 Eastern, only 45 people had found anyhting to like!

So I'm going to give it a week to let other people do what they have to, if they do. Then, I'm going back in.

Cara said...

Hi beth, me again.
I got an email from ebay saying that the new forum was finally working. I think when they implemented it yesterday, they found out that it wasn't ready and have made more parts work. So I went in this morning.
And I understand why you want to recreate the Barbie, but I can't put it into words either. I never had Barbie. Well, I had Midge. I had a little sister who would be put on Ritalin if she were born 35 years later. She had lots of Barbies, but she ripped Midge's head off so it couldn't be replaced. Actually, she destroyed any doll I ever had, but it was always my fault for setting her off.
In the end she grew up to be a great person and got a PhD in hydrogeology and works for lawyers.

Kelly said...

Now that is gorgeous fabric!