Friday, September 7, 2007

Why Animals Eat Their Young

Dateline: Friday night.
With Hunnybunny attending a going away party, the boys and I headed out for dinner. After sticker-shock from Ryan's, we settled on the cheap for Cici's Pizza. As usual, the Legal Adult was checking out the ladies, especially a girl sitting just in front of him with her date.
" There's only two reasons why that hot lookin' chick is with THAT guy!" He surmised.
I, of course, am always intrigued with his logic. "I'll bite...why?"
"She's either on a blind date or was hurt by a really hot guy so she's settling for second best."
Exhibit B (A.K.A. The Rock Star) pipes up,
"Oh, you mean like Dad did?"
Dateline: Saturday Evening. Hunnybunny grills out steak for supper. The Legal Adult is in attendance with his ten loads of laundry that he's doing. We are about to say the blessing when the Rock Star makes his random comment:
"So, Mom, have you called Jenny yet?"
The actual funny part? I took his family to task when they were telling him he had gained weight....and I've had a weight problem most of my adult life. But I guess now he's getting embarrassed by it. It hurt, but did inspire me to continue losing.


Erin said...

OUCH! I remember saying something like that to my mom and I still regret it.

The mouth-brain filter takes a looong time to get up and running. :}

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Not sure if you know but I live with three men....hubby, and 2 sons. They ask the same question and it hurts me too.

Rian said...

Love that sentiment! Having survived two teenagers, I can relate!

Anonymous said...

Just wait until he is in his thirties and begins to have his "dunlop" disease, where his stomach dun lops over his pants. I also have struggled and I still want to lose weight, but I don't let it bother me. They say a little extra fat makes menopause easier, so that is my justification.