Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Resolution or Revelation? Thinking out loud...

I'm not really one for resolutions or publicly detailing them. I guess I always feel like if I don't make it, it's right here in black and white. Or pixels. But we've been together a while now, so I'll risk it and let you know what I'd like to change in 2009.

1. More time with God. You know, the Creator of the Universe took out time in His busy schedule to see to it that I walked on the earth, the least I can do is hang out with Him and study His word to hear what He has to say.

2. More family time. This one is actually in the works. Hunnybunny changed jobs so we could actually see him and it's worked out well. Maybe a camping trip would be cool?

3. More quilting time. Oh, yeah, I get the same 24 hours as you, but apparently I'm not using them so well in this arena. It's a crying shame to have FIVE, count 'em, FIVE sewing machines and not use them. I also have every gadget a quilter could ask for so I'm thinking I'm afraid of failure. Ever put off doing something because you're afraid you reek at it?

4. More blog time. Negligent doesn't quite cover it. I've been backing off lately and some of it has to do with the time factor. Some has to do with me thinking maybe there isn't anything else to say. But some of you know that I usually don't EVER run out of things to say...;). And truthfully, I'm writing this blog for me. It's so cool that you all read and comment, (and I appreciate it very much!) but I write to let this stuff out of my heart and head so I don't forget. And sometimes, so I won't carry it around.

So maybe this list isn't as much of a resolution list as it is a time management wake-up call. Perhaps getting organized would make some of this fall into place? I'll give it a shot.


Debra said...

Organization seems to the be key to just about everything. I find having a certain time during the day when I can blog helps me stay on track. Maybe you could find a certain time to do specific jobs, tasks that you want to accomplish and stick with that time slot. Then, you will look forward to sharing/sewing during that time, for instance.

Jeri said...

I understand your goals for the coming year - time management is the key (for me too!!!) Good luck!