Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another Orphan Finds a Home

I'll admit it. I just can't stand to see an old machine thrown away. I've always looked at old sewing machines like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, "All it needs is a little love." And that is most likely my undoing. Several weeks ago, I found myself at the Legal Adult's apartment. One of the Sweet Thing's had moved out, (Should I call them "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" to keep them straight?) and I noticed a sewing cabinet.
"Did she leave her sewing machine behind?"
"No, my friend thought I could use it as a nightstand since I don't have one." he replied. Upon inspection, I found it did contain a sewing machine!

A Singer 6235, made in 1985-1986.
There's no real special thing about this model, but it did intrigue me. The Singer 6235 is half-iron, half-plastic, all metal components and idiot-proof threading, and self-contained bobbin winder in the actual bobbin case. The foot pedal is one of those pneumatic ones that pumps air into the chamber. I know, y'all are bored. Somethings are made better in the past than they are in the present. At least that's how I'm justifying the cost of fixing this one up.

The foot pedal has an air bulb in it. It triggers a sensor that also has a bulb in it. After I paid for the new pedal, the cleaning, timing, and maintenance work, and then found out it needed a new sensor, it cost me around $130.
The stitches are perfect, and since I've got to come up with a crazy quilt for a wedding present by August, I thought I could use it.


Jen said...

What a neat find!!

Debra said...

Amazing how much "free" costs these days!