Thursday, May 14, 2009

Making Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Here we are so far. Now, imagine this double. That's how big the center is going to be. I'm thinking of adding a wide border, like maybe 7 inches, and machine applique The Beatles characters on it. In between the diamonds, you have to imagine fusible bias binding. That will give it a stained glass effect and reinforce the blocks.

The Legal Adult was gracious as he knows I'm only a month into this quilt. His birthday was, 24! The cliche is, "But where did the time go?" and it's very trite. Some years went by fast, like when he was learning to walk and talk. Some years dragged on, as in adolescence. But after he turned 22, we really started to talk. I found that I not only LOVE this young man, I can say I LIKE him as well. He's always been a handful, but he's my handful. Here he is at 7 months, and I'm a mere child of 22. I have truly enjoyed being his mother as it has never been boring. Jesse(that's his real name)is a charmer and has been his whole life. Happy birthday, Son!


GARI said...

Wow, that sure looks like a lot of work, matching all those seams. The colors are wonderful: great work.

Deborah said...

That will be a stunning quilt. Love the colors.

I know what you mean - my oldest is 21 and what a great young woman she is. I've been so lucky.

Debra said...

It's great you and your son can be friends. Every boy needs his mom whether he says so or not! (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Leanne said...

Ah, Happy Birthday Jesse...he was soooo cute.

Great quilt shot too. I gotta get my machine out again...soon.

Samantha said...

happy momiverasry to you! You've done such a great job. I'm glad you two can really talk.