Sunday, May 27, 2007

And last but not least, a movie review....

Of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Of course, there were several posters to pick from, but Orlando Bloom is so handsome and adorable, I had to pick his.
We actually took the boys to a drive-in. Hard to believe they still exist, but we went with The Pickle and the Rock Star.
I had my reservations about the idea of taking two boys, in a confined space, out to a picture. Between fighting over the popcorn and drink, several "I gotta go", you know where, breaks, finally they settled down.
And the Pickle actually sat outside our car in one of those camp chairs with the Rock Star. Apparently, Pirates is a movie they could agree on.
As for the movie itself, better not get up if you can help it. They have lots of loose ends to tie up, and honey, they were 'a-tyin' them. The music was great, like the other two movies, but really loud. Could be because I was in a car. Keith Richards made his appearance as Jack's dad, and it was really funny. But there are several melancholy moments, also, when the two lovers are working it out.
While it was a great flick, I will tell you this: it just didn't end right. Don't get up and leave until AFTER the credits, or you'll miss something great.


Rian said...

Some of the scenes from this movie were shot out on the dunes near my house.

Danielle said...

We took the kids to see the movie last night. Glad you told us to stay through the credits!!

kaliblue said...

Drive-ins are so much fun {:-). We have one here that opens up for the summer and shows double features. We haven't went to see Pirate's 3 yet. Way to crowded right now. We chose to see Spider man 3 instead this weekend. It was good but too much romance and not enough action {:-).

Grandma And Kelly said...

I love this pic. I want a copy of it. Grandma wants more pics of her baby on here and Sam. Yal need more often. Anyways do you how I can sell an old gameboy? Grandma says to tell the big baby has he completely forgot about her!! LOL! She said dont remind him to call. Love yal Bye. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!!!