Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Finally, something I can contribute to.....

I belong to a ring of Mommy-bloggers called The Crazy Hip Blog Mamas. I had joined back when there were less than 150. Now, there's over 1,000 members. This week the carnival topic is: “Introduce us to your current favorite band. Doesn’t matter what genre, or how old they are or how long they’ve been around. If you dig ‘em, we want to know about ‘em! “.

Ya'll know I have a thing for Top Ten lists, (Thank you, David Letterman!) so I'll try to answer with my top ten. Consider yourself tagged and let's hear who you like.

10. David Bowie. Now, don't give me that look. I've been a fan of his since "Major Tom" came out when I was a kid. He seems to look better with a little age.

9. Aerosmith! . Yet another of my quilty pleasures. I may not want to look at Steven Tyler, but I certainly love to hear him. And Joe Perry's easy on the eyes, too.

8. Elton John. Yes, I know, Mr. Fantastic himself. I think I liked the 70's Elton better.

7. Train. These guys are really great!

6. Fleetwood Mac. I think I used to have every album they every made. Even Stevie still looks great for having an AARP card.

5. Keane. They are really great... have sort of a Beatles sound.

4. The Beatles. According to my eldest brother, I was the only 3 year old who could sing every verse of Strawberry Fields and get it right. Need I say more?

3. Creed. I sure do miss them. I'm glad Scott Stapp is still singing. He actually went (and was expelled) from Hunnybunny's college. I got his solo album and like it alot.

2. Evanescence.. She's really good.

1. Nickleback. I really like Chad. He's great!


Janean said...

Hey! We like alot of the same stuff! Comes from having grown up in the same era, methinks.
Nice to meet you, Beth!
I've got four and am wondering why we can't have school year round. Pretty soon, I'll be home with a 5 yo, an 8 yo, a 9 yo and a 13 yo.
Great list. Have an awesome week!!

Helen said...

How Cool!!!!!! I LOVE all your top tens!!!!!! My favs on your list are Aerosmith, Creed, Elton, and Nickelback (which I listed as my current favorite). I got Nickelback tickets for Mother's Day and am quite excited! I'm also of the same era as you. I'm going to be 39 this year.

Rian said...

I love all your picks too--that is, the ones I know. Some of 'em I admit I've never heard of, so I'll be poking around on iTunes tonight to see what I've been missing.

No Dylan? I'm surprised. Oh. Maybe it was the other Dylan...whoever he was.

Tiffani said...

You've got a variety of faves, there. Elton, Aerosmith, Nickelback would be my tops from your list. :-)

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

I love evanessenace and nickelback. I love rocking out to chad in my Mini, such a stress reliever.

west meadow said...

You've inspired me to leave a music list as well. Hope you have a great weekend. :-)Gayle

Miss Trashahassee said...

Hunnybunny must have gone to FSU, eh?

Miss T