Friday, May 18, 2007

Following the Yellow Brick Road

Well, it ain't Emerald City around here, but I'm starting to wear a path around my subdivision. So, in essence, I'm walking the yellow brick road. Yeah, well, it's Friday, so try and come up with blog fodder this late in the day....

Top Ten Reasons Why I Am Walking Daily:

10. They say it's good for you, and you know that we all have to do what they say.

9. Having to run to keep up with a 3 year old is wearing me out.

8. It's the only exercise I'm coordinated enough to do.

7. I get to jam out to the mp3 for at least 30 solid minutes.

6. I am on a walking team for the WOMAN's Challenge. We're virtually going across the country.

5. I'd actually like to get up to running in the future, but as they say, you gotta walk before you run.

4. It gets me out of kitchen duty....well, at least the stacking and clearing of the table.

3. I'm terrified to try on a swimsuit this season.

2. I started Weight Watchers, and they encourage it, which helps allot with number 3.

and the number one reason I'm walking around my neighborhood........

I need to lose the equivalent of a fourth grader.


kaliblue said...

I'm glad I can finally leave you a comment:-). The clicky comment thingy was gone for a while. I wish I had sidewalks close by me so it would inspire me to do a walk about. These country roads I live on will kill ya! :-). I have a treadmill but I feel I'm just not getting anywhere *LOL*. Oh well I'll get motivated one way or the other.

Belle-ah said...

LOL...a 4th grader? I just like to say I am twice the woman I used to be!!! LOL Good luck with WW and exercise.