Monday, February 11, 2008

Across the Universe

No, we didn't watch the Grammy's, but we watched Across the Universe. And to say it was...trippy..was understated. The music was covered well. How can you go wrong with Joe Cocker or Bono from U2? Bono certainly doesn't sound like an "Irish rock star", as he puts it in the blooper reel. But like a New Yorker. Joe Cocker actually had three roles in "Come Together" and I had to ask Hunnybunny if that was him. He looked old when he was young. But he still has the pipes.
The story had more to do with the Vietnam War and it's impact. But they tried to cover too many story lines. They covered Martin Luther King's assignation, too. And while that was important for the time period, they just had too many loose ends to tie up.

I think they were trying to actually tell a story. While the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts club band was definitely fantasy. The Rock Star asked for this for Christmas last year, and I think I've watched it a lot more than he has! I was around 11 when it was in the theatre, and a huge Bee Gee fan. Peter Frampton, who was just a kid back then, had gone triple platiunm with Frampton Comes Alive!. They did a great job covering the songs, but the story was just too out there. It was great eye candy for the rest of us, though.
The bottom line: if you don't mind the abstract, you'll enjoy it. Visually, it's a beautiful flick. But if you're looking for story content, don't bother.

I guess the boys from Liverpool will never be topped but their music will most likely outlive us all. Currently, The Legal Adult has been sporting a John Lennon look and he's so pleased when someone notices. Of course, the people that notice actually were at Woodstock. He constantly asks me, "What was it like for you to grow up listening to that music?" First of all, I was just a little tyke. I was the only 4 year old who could sing all the words to Strawberry Fields. It didn't impact my life. It was my brother (who was 10 years older) who owned the albums and the posters.
Do you think if John had lived he'd have piercings? I'm just sayin'....


Deborah said...

BEth, for me the music died in 1973 when the Beatles broke up. "Let It Be" was so painful to watch. Pop music was never the same. I had to switch to country and big band. :-(

Anonymous said...

I lived in this era. I think the Legal Adult might have piercings. We soon realized that our dress, etc. would have to conform to the mainstream of society if we were to succeed financially. I attended classes in leather mocassins, bells bottoms, no bra and sweatshirts. BUT when I went for a job interview I had on the appropriate attire of a shirt, small heels, etc. Unfrotuantely a first impression is a first impression and until we change the world. ??????

I am ... said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I had to laugh when I read your profile ... I'm surrounded by men too! No wonder I quilt and blog and paint!

Thanks for the welcome!!