Sunday, February 24, 2008

More than just a little hacked......a quilting rant.

A friend and I went to a "Hand Quilting" class hosted by our local library. I'm always up for learning a new technique, getting new ideas, all that comes from associating with quilters. Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed. The entire 'class' was a "show and tell" of all the quilts she'd ever done. While I enjoy that, that wasn't why I came. Another thing was that she didn't know the terms. I'm serious, she had no idea what "traveling" meant in the hand quilting world! Also, she said she could only do one stitch at a time and encouraged us to do the same. While she brought "supplies" for us to use, the fabric we did our practice on was so chincey just aggravated me! I can see not using your $9 fabric on a class, but not use the $1 fabric from Wally World!.

It wasn't just that. She wasn't very passionate about quilting. Sticking to cheater quilts and presewn panels doesn't constitute quilting to me. I think what bothered me most was the way she dealt with the beginners. She had no encouraging words for them, such as, "Hey, that's coming right along." or, if it's not good, (such as my case) "Don't give up. You'll get there!" would've been cool to say. She wasn't up on any of the new techniques,either. I'm just saying, it was a waste of both of our times. I've always felt like the teacher had to be as excited as the student. Well, that didn't happen, either.

The tell-tale sign that the class was unsuccessful? Everybody left before it was over.


Anonymous said...

OK, I give up, what is "traveling" in hand quilting? That is a new one to me and I have been exposed to hand quilting for many years. As you know I don't DO a lot of hand quilting, but I do know HOW to do the quilting. Anytime you want to get together let me know. I would be happy to share what I know.


Deborah said...

Big disappointment, I'm sure. It would make me rant, too. It takes a lot for me to make the effort to go to a class like that, then to have it such a resounding failure. Sorry to hear your experience was so nonproductive. :-(

Passionate Quilter said...

Sorry to hear your class was such a bust! I teach lots of beginner classes--but the one I don't teach is color theory--I feel I don't know enough technical stuff about that to be a good teacher. But what I do teach, I know inside and out! Well, part of the quilting experience, I guess. That's too bad for the students though. I once had a terrible teacher and I learned more from her on how NOT to be a good teacher than what she was ever teaching. Just glean what you can from it--even if it wasn't what you were supposed to learn. :)

btw--tag--you're it! see my blog..