Saturday, February 9, 2008

If Rome wasn't built in a day..... about the Parthenon? This was The Rock Star's social studies project on Greece. My idea was that he could do a newscast from ancient Greece, highlighting the top stories of the day. But, he didn't want to. This project was put together the night of the Superbowl. Between commentators and Tom Petty, you could hear hammers in my kitchen. I had offered to help, but they (Hunnybunny and R.S.) claimed they were "fine". You might notice the roof is red as R.S. wanted it to be, and Hunnybunny said it had to be "terracotta".'d think they were picky old women haggling about the color to paint the house!
I tried to help them figure out how to put it together, but of course, they didn't need a woman's help. They found out the hard way that someone who puts quilt blocks together might know a little about construction. Live and learn, I guess.
The columns are dowels that were cut in half and nailed to a fancy board. Materials cost around $25 bucks! That just hurts..ah, well. The price of an education.
The other part of the report was a presentation. He kind of botched that. While the project was outstanding, the presentation ....not so much. He got a "B". But, on the upside, his project was put into the school trophy case. I'll be taking a picture to bore you with later.

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Leanne said...

Lol. I'm sorry he only got a 'B', but you Mom, I give you an 'A'. You do good work!