Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Sadie Hawkins Day!

You recall our friends from Dogpatch, don't you? I'm only using this panel as it depicts the origin of Sadie Hawkins Day. Once every four years, on Leap Day, it's said that a woman can propose to a man. Most just go to a dance in honor of this swift spinster, and invite the dude to go.

I actually went to an ice skating party that had a "Sadie Hawkins" theme. I got to ask the college class President, Mark, if he'd like to ice skate with me, and he said yes. I remember how I felt after I had hit the lottery.

We decided to go out to eat this evening, which I always feel is a bad idea with two boys and the Friday night restaurant crowd. "Bark at the Moon" came on the radio, to which I heard my 4 year old attempt to sing along.

"I don't know how he even knows the tune!" Pipes up the Rock Star when we turn to look at him.

"He watches you," reminds Hunnybunny, "and whatever music you listen to, he's going to think is cool."

R.S. turns to Pickle and says, "I really like the Bratz CD, Pickle."

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